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Take Your Time

“Take your time, young lady.” Those are the words I heard early this morning and their echo rang through my ears all day.

For some reason it struck me. A  man said this to me as I walked by, and I was taken aback. He was right I was rushing through life, with no where to go.

I feel like everyday is comprised of wondering what tomorrow will bring. We think about tomorrow so much during the present that when it comes we forget to be grateful.

The beauty that there even is a tomorrow is lost on us, because we are worrying about what the unknown tomorrow will hold.

We rush through our lives focused on OUR tomorrow. We never stop to think about what someone else’s tomorrow looks like. We forget to think about how our actions will affect the world around us in the future and just do what is in our best interest, and we do everything on a tight schedule.

We are constantly rushing to what’s next instead of enjoying the now.

Take your time he said. Take your time with today because if tomorrow is coming it will come whether I think about it or not.

Tomorrow will come whether I am running or walking.

We have such little control over the future, so why don’t we slow down and enjoy what we can control, the present.

We have a duty to enjoy the life that was given to us, a duty to appreciate all of our good fortune and not rush through everyday, because one day we’re going to wake up and there won’t be a tomorrow to rush too.

Take your time, because you can’t rewind.

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