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“Though she be but little she is fierce.”

The day you won’t remember.

November in Wisconsin is never this warm. The sunset on the lake is breathtaking. The beauty of this place is astonishing.

Twenty years from now you won’t even remember the hour you spent here because it is a moment of insignificance.

How can one of the most beautiful moments be lost in time?

In this moment the water crashes on the dock lulling the sun to sleep as it slips below the skyline. The birds chirp their praise of the colors as they reflect off the water.

As the breeze blows through my hair I feel small yet so unbelievably important.

I could take a picture to capture the moment forever, but I won’t because I could never capture the feeling.

It’s not just the scenery that makes this moment. It’s the appreciation I feel to be breathing. It’s the calm I feel as I try to fall in love with myself. It’s the hope I have for every moment after this one.

The beauty lies in the complexity of the sunset which I frequently forget to recognize. God shows us he exists twice a day and most of the time I fail to notice the miracle.

The sun keeps rising, the world keeps turning, an endless cycle of tomorrows.

The hope of tomorrow has given me faith. I believe that from this day forward I can be better than I was before.

I will find my purpose.

I will comprise my tomorrows off brilliant nows.

I will make every breath meaningful.

I will write this very forgettable moment into the history books.

My current insignificance will not stop me from obtaining fierce significance in this great big world.



“Though she be but little she is fierce.”

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