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With a Heavy Heart

The past few days I’ve been struck by the unnecessary information that has consumed the media, and I have been forced to recognize the importance our society puts on sitcom like drama instead of focusing on the real issues.

Four days ago more than 30 innocent people lost their lives. These people had dreams, families and hope for the future. That was all taken from them without warning. They did not get to kiss goodbye. They did not get to hug their children. They did not get to become the people they were born to be.

This tragedy happened because of unexplainable, unwarranted hate. The horror will never be forgotten, and should not have been in competition with any piece of media.

Yet amidst the chaos and sadness, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz’s pettiness took the stage. People are grieving for the loss of their loved ones, and two of the people that could potentially be leading the nation were waging war against each other based on the attractiveness and scandalousness of their wives.

These two men should have been reaching out and mourning, or at the very least respecting the great loss Brussels endured. It’s horrifying to think a meme Donald Trump tweeted gained any media attention while part of the world was living in such terror.

Unfortunately, important issues and tragedies are eclipsed by entertainment media everyday. The average American knows very little about ISIS yet can name all of the Kardashians. Everyone knows that Zayn quit One Direction, but how many of you knew an American woman gave birth while she was being held hostage in Afghanistan?

It’s okay to care about this kind of entertainment, but it’s not acceptable to only be aware of information that can be found in the tabloids. The media is responsible for deciding the important issues, and it’s time they recognize that candidates who clearly need a time-out should not be getting the time of day when innocent lives are being lost. The media needs to force the public to pay attention to what is happening all over the world. We may not be able to force people to educate themselves, but we can make sure informational media is at the forefront.

The issues that deserve coverage are the ones that affect the world as a whole, not issues that only affect Hollywood A-listers. It’s time that entertainment media took the backseat to news, because the only way we can overcome the horrors of the world is if we know about them.


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