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The Roomie Diaries

1. She like straws so if you have to get her something to drink you always bring a straw because it’s the little things.

2. When her shit is sprawled across the floor it bothers you a lot less than when you’re the reason the room looks like a tornado hit.

3. Having someone merely breathe the same air as you is comforting.

4. You will realize as it comes time to move out that not living with her next year was the biggest mistake you’ve ever made and no amount of stairs or distance could make your decision reasonable.

5. It’s not the moments that you’re doing something super fun and crazy that you’re going to miss it’s the moments where you’re doing nothing but talking about the arbitrariness of money or the idea of love.

6. She will always be your best friend whether on not she lives in your bedroom.

7. It’s important to get your glasses and pillow before her and her boyfriend sexile you.

8. If you want to have a good time in college you have to be up for anything.

9. She has made you a better person and isn’t afraid to tell you when you’re being a crazy person and she will continue to do so everyday for the rest of this crazy beautiful life.

10. Having someone that teaches you to go with the flow and trust that it will all workout is invaluable.

12. She always encourages you to eat an extra scoop of ice cream and those kinds of people are the only people you need in your life.

13. She’s always down to get drunk and have a dance party but is always there when you need to hang out and watch Grey’s.

14. You learn that you don’t need to tell everyone you know about your life because sometimes telling her is enough to clear your head and gain some clarity because she’s wise beyond her years and her blind optimism is inspiring.

15. She is always down to do spontaneous things like turn your floor into a giant bed.

16. Sometimes if you’re lucky you will meet your favorite person on the earth. Legitimate favorite human. No contest the most wonderful creature. The Beyonce of people you know.

Love you Em&M you will always be BAE forever and always, best friends forever, roomies for life, my sugar plum, blonde bff, lesbian lover, my sanity on a crazy day, my ray of sunshine. ILY

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