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Home is wherever I’m with you

In my freshman year of college I learned a lot of really important things about not only myself but the world around me. I am on the road to discovering who I am and who I want to be, and I’m so excited to continue on this journey but there is one very important thing that my freshman year taught me.

It’s not where you are; it’s who your with. My whole life I’ve felt out of place. I never felt like home in my small town and I always blamed the PLACE I was living but I know now that it’s not the place it’s who I am. I never liked how small minded and old- fashioned my home town was. I hated all the catty drama and trash talking. I was never a fan of trying to fit in. I felt suffocated here but it wasn’t the air I was breathing it was the people who could never understand me.

Then I moved away. Yes, I love the rush of the city, the lake, and the endless amount of fun Madison has to offer but what I love most is the people I’ve met there.

Since the moment I stepped foot into Madison I never had to pretend to be anyone. I never had to worry about my friends starting drama over something petty or talking about me behind my back. The group of girls I met at college made me understand what it’s like to have friends who genuinely care about you and understand you. What’s beautiful about it is that we are all so different yet we accept each other exactly as we are. I fell in love in Madison and not with the city, with the people. I know that if I brought the people I love from Madison to my home town the air wouldn’t feel so stifling and downtown wouldn’t seem so deserted. I know that my friends could make me love it here in the same way I loved my 16×16 dorm room.

I would choose shower shoes and strange smells over the comfort of my bed anyday if it meant I could be with them.

Home isn’t held within a place it’s inside people. Home is where the people who make you feel safe, love, and accepted are. I realized that I didn’t care about convenience, or ease as much as I care about being with the people who make me feel at home a little too late.

Never choose the place you want to live based on the neighborhood, the number of stairs you have to climb to get to your apartment, or if there’s laundry. Choose where you want to live based on who will abide under the same roof as you and make it feel like home. Where should you live to ensure that someone will be there at 3am to talk about if love is real? Where should you live to make sure that when you say or do something stupid it will blow over in an instant because home means forgiveness? Where should you live so you always have someone else’s closet to run too when you don’t have the right shoes for the dress you just bought. Where should you live to make sure there is always a pint of ice cream waiting for you in the fridge after a long day? Where should you live to make sure there is always someone there to tell you like it is? Where should you live to make sure that no one ever tells you it’s too early to drink wine? Make the choice that sits right in your soul even if your brain is pulling you in a more logical direction because nothing is better than feeling like you’ve finally found where you belong.

Home is wherever I’m with you.


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