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Being a Baby Badger Taught Me

Being a freshman in college changed me… hopefully for the better. It was easily the best year of my life even though I went through the most painful situations I’ve ever had to deal with. I grew. I changed. I learned…

1. To never wish my life away because time is precious. ( I swear I put my bibs on for the first time yesterday)

2. The tough times will show you who your friends are. (Often the best way to help a friend is a pint of half baked)

3. Growing up means taking responsibility for your actions. (aka don’t make excuses when you cheat on someone three times, just man up and say you’re sorry)

4. No number can define who I am not my GPA, bank account, or the scale. (my way of telling myself it’s okay to skip class, online shop, and eat that brownie)

5. Sometimes I need my mom to nag me even though I hate it. (Mostly to wake me up for my 8:50)

6. You’ll never regret skipping a lecture to do something amazing with your friends. ( or just lay out on Bascom for a while)

7. There are very few wounds ice cream and wine can’t fix. ( but be careful slapping the bag can be dangerous)

8. The likelihood of finding your next boyfriend at a frat party is about .5%.

9. On that note he is not going to text you so don’t waste time being sad about it.

10. Even if you don’t meet him at a frat party he is probably still terrified of commitment. (boys mature slower than girls remember that)

11. You will never regret buying an beautiful expensive sweater instead of 10 cheap ones for the same price (quality over quanity… boys take notes on that)

12. Your soulmate is your friends and boys are just people that are fun to hang out with.

13. Being judgmental, sexist, homophobic, or racist will get you nowhere and only make you look ignorant.

14. Beyonce is actually queen of the world. (Bow down bitches)

15. Things always come back in style so keep your clothes so your daughter can have them when she’s your age. (Mom, I know you had some sick parachute pants you threw away)

16. Focus on falling in love with your future and the right person will come along.

17. Realizing what you want to do in life isn’t as important as figuring out who you want to be. (Once you do one the other will follow)

18. Do what you’re passionate about even if it’s hard and uncertain because if you don’t love what you do it’s hard to be happy.

19. Traveling the world is more important than owning a pair of Jimmy Choo’s. (I have to remind myself of this one often)

20. Never do anything for the money.

21. Eating nachos everyday is not okay. (You will get sick)

22. Animals are friends not food. (Go watch Food Inc.)

23. Doing your own laundry doesn’t make you an adult. (and asking your mom to help with your laundry doesn’t make you any less of one)

24. When you live in a 16×16 space sometimes it will be messy. ( having a messy room is not the end of the world)

25. You will do things in your life that you swore you would never do. (use the same fork for four different meals)

26. Growing up isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

27. Thanking your parents for picking you up when you fall should happen daily.

28. No one will ever love you as much as your mom.

29. Home is where your friends are.

30. Kylie Jenner literally has no talent. (thank you Natalia)

31. Being opinionated is okay as long as you have facts to back it up.

32. If you want to lie professionally become a politician.

33. Sometimes people just need to be heard. (even if you don’t have advice or can’t change the situation just listen)

34. The best kind of people are the ones who feel with their whole heart.

35. You don’t have to know someone for your whole life to understand them.

36. Vibes are stronger than words. (trust your gut).

37. Being pretty isn’t everything. (seems obvious but tell that to the media)

38. Whatever you decide to do with your life find a way to give back.

39. If you start watching Grey’s Anatomy you won’t be able to stop. (this goes for Vampire Diaries too)

40. Appreciate every moment, every breath.

41. Try to be a blessing in someone’s life everyday ( and thank God for letting you wake up today)

42. Say yes to every opportunity that comes your way. (Unless it’s hard drugs then always say no)

43. Stay true to who you are. (even if that means some people don’t accept you it’s their loss)

44. The best work happens after 1am. (this is especially true when procrastinating)

45. You will be hurt in your life but if you weren’t hurt you wouldn’t know happiness.

46. Beer tastes better when you’re drunk.

47. Sometimes timing is everything.

48. You have to love yourself before you love anyone else. (Thank you RENT for that one)

49. Sweatpants are for the weak. (You will have days where you fall into this category)

50. Wander.

















photo credit: Emmy B

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