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Just Say Yes: Chapter 1

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This summer I decided to adopt a new mantra. It’s simple: I say “yes” to every positive opportunity that comes my way. Anything illegal or life-threatening is obviously off-limits but everything else is fair game. I decided on this new mantra because I often have serious FOMO and this would be a way to never miss out on the opportunities that present themselves to me. Growing up, I always thought that you never know what experience is going to change your life. That road trip you said no too, job you turned down, or hiking excursion you canceled might have been the time of your life and you missed out because of some lame excuse.

I decided that I don’t want to miss out on life or take any moment for granted.

For my first yes of the summer, I went to China! I bet you weren’t expecting that! In the past, I visited twice for waterskiing, and I didn’t know if I was ready to go back to a place where no one spoke my language. But even though the trip requires 27 hours of traveling, every trip has been better than the last. So I decided to go and it was a trip I will never forget.

I got the opportunity to go to China to ski for Team USA and compete against Team Australia and Team China. Although I love to ski, that’s never the best part of the trip. The best part is meeting these amazing, talented people from all over the world. I know that because of these trips I’ve made friendships that will last a lifetime. Not to mention the crazy experiences I never would have had if I had followed my head and said no to the trip.

We went biking around the countryside and floated down the river on wooden rafts. I saw an acrobatic show where girls bent themselves in ways that convinced me they didn’t have a spine. I ate something called “black fungus.” I danced on the table, played bartender, and received roses from a stranger. I met a beautiful Australian boy that looks exactly the drummer from my favorite band. More importantly I met my Australian best friend. She’s me with an accent and she’s coming to ski with me next summer.

Because of these amazing trips across the globe I’ve met people who have given me even more amazing opportunities. Meeting all of my mates from Australia has helped me decide that I want to study abroad in Australia and compete with my friends for Australian Waterski Nationals. Then I want to get an internship with Australian Vogue so I can stay even longer *fingers crossed for that one*. I can’t wait to spend an endless summer with my Aussie BFF, and I’m so glad I didn’t say no.

This is my summer for yes. My next adventure is coming soon, so stay tuned.

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